Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe Treasure Chest

 Teacher Guide

1. Travels With a Troubadour

2. How Would You Survive in the Middle Ages?
3. Canterbury Cathedral
4. The Search for King Arthur
5. King Arthur: Chivalry and Legend
6. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
7. The Medieval Cookbook

8. Audio Tape, Medieval Music
9. Video, Life in the Middle Ages

10. Chain Mail Hood
11. Model of Catapult with Lead Ball
12. Model of Celtic Cross from Monasterboice (circa 920 A.D)
13. Notre Dame Rose Window
14. Monumental Brass of Sir John de Creke, 1325
15. Copy of 14th Century French Tapestry
16. Lewis Chess Set White Queen, 12th Century
17. Winged Dog Gargoyle
18. Game of Middle Ages Trivia
19. Seals with Wax and Parchment
20. Lift the Lid on Knights
21. Medieval Clothing

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