Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan Treasure Chest

Ancient Japan, known as the The Kofun period, began around 250 AD, and is named after the large tumulus burial mounds called kofun (from Sino-Japanese "ancient grave") that started appearing around that time. The Kofun period saw the establishment of strong military states, each concentrated around powerful clans (or zoku). During this time, the Japanese also developed a central administration and an imperial court system, based upon the Chinese model, with its society being organized into various occupation groups.

1. Origami inspired by Ukiyo-e Prints
2. "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes"
3. Japanese Masks
4. Japanese Kimono
5. Haiga

6. Gagaku: Imperial Court Music of Japan

7. Quick and Easy Origami
8. Sumi-e Kit for Brush Writing
9. Hands on Culture of Japan

10.Copies of Ukiyo-e prints from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (in folder)
11. Two Traditional Yukatas, or Informal Kimonos
12. Geta Sandal
13. Turtle Netsuke
14. Japanese Female Doll in Red Kimono and Geisha Makeup
15. Japanese Male Doll in Traditional Samurai Regalia
16. Tea bowl, whisk, scoop, and info sheet

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