A Trinity (detail), Jason Franklin
February 2, 2021 - February 27, 2021

I Am...

Celebrating Black History Month

Sponsored by Susan and Charles Aaron, Dr. Barry Dorsey, Cindy and Steve Edgerton, Jo and Don Grayson, Lynn and Noel Ward and Lynwood Artists

Jason Franklin's work narrates the human condition from an American perspective. He brings to life everyday situations and feelings, like love, family, faith, dreams, and friendship, in extraordinary ways. Much of his work documents unique facets of American life and celebrates the indomitable spirit.

In I Am... Franklin shows glimpses of God's glory and love through people, relationships, and color. Using personal moments with family, friends, and a few historic figures, Franklin visually demonstrates man’s connection with the great I AM, while confirming our collective humanity and community. His quiet, visual stories reflect and imitate the love of the great I AM. 

The Barbershop Series is a coming-of-age narrative that tells the story of the artist's transformation from son to father. Franklin says barbershops are a safe haven for African American men, and it is from this familiar setting that he memorializes his son's first haircut, his father’s last haircut and significant life points in between. Franklin’s gestural brushwork creates movement, but also symbolizes the movement of life — always changing, evolving, living, and dying. This series is a tribute to Franklin’s father, James Cromartie, and his son, Jason Christian Franklin.

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