Black History

Black History Treasure Chest


1. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the March on Washington by Frances Ruffin, 48 pages
2. Jackie Robinson: He Led the Way by April Jones Prince, 48 pages
3. The Story of George Washington Carver by Eva Moore, 96 pages
4. If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks by Faith Ringgold, 29 pages
5. Thurgood Marshall, Fight for Justice, by Rae Bains, 48 pages

1. I Have a Dream, The Black History Collection, 60 minutes, B&W

1. Jackie Robinson Jersey
2. Rosa Parks Shape Book
3. Play Ball! Baseball Game
4. Who Said It?
5. Jeopardy/Monopoly

Hands On
1. Gavel
2. Baseball
3. Paper Bags
4. Ball

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