Annie Waldrop, from Venus Inferred
November 4, 2023 - January 13, 2024

Venus Inferred: Annie Waldrop

Sponsored by Olivia and Pres Garrett, Charlie Knighton, Blanche and Tom Mahoney, Kim and Jason Spratley, Kerry Y. Tillery and Lynwood Artists

“Living day-in-and-day-out attending to works of art, one begins to tune into the needs of each individual piece like a child who will ask for what he or she needs in order to evolve. ” — Annie Waldrop

Featuring work by award-winning Roanoke-based artist Annie Waldrop, this collection is an outcome of her decades-long quest to use bookmaking, painting, assemblage, collage and other mediums to explore femininity through themes like spirituality, Buddhism, motherhood and creativity. Waldrop's work represents the culmination of a process she likens to tending a garden or raising a child — a labor of love which has its own organic course to follow, including unpredicted detours and clearly defined destinations.

Admission Free

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