LINDA STARR, She Liked to Lay Bets on How Fast the Sunshine Devoured the Rainclouds, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 2022
April 1, 2023 - May 13, 2023

Identity, Stories, Connections

Sponsored by Cindy and Steve Edgerton, Paige and Jay Frith, Tracie Heavner and Jim Frith, Pete Mannen and Jennifer Reis, Barbara and Guy Stanley and Lynwood Artists

Linda Starr is an artist of passion whose work exudes the same colorful and playful energy as her spirit. Her intuitive painting process is an arrival point reached over a multi-decade career as a painter. In Starr's work, nothing is planned or pre-engineered. She applies paint on canvas without conscious thought to the subject, often rotating the canvas in different directions before determining how the images will emerge.

Her paintings are often sculptural, laden with texture and vibrant color, and always full of story. Starr uses shape, patterns and repetition to create whimsical scenes with rich tones and meaning. Much like the way a story provides setting, plot, characters and action to elicit an emotion from the reader, Starr intends to do the same for the viewer with her work.

Whether she is creating icon-like imagery of strong female leaders, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or a surrealistic cityscapes full of detail, Starr hopes to energize the viewer and to provide them with that same sense of joy that she feels during her spontaneous and free painting process.

A New York City native, Starr spent 10 years in private study with Carla Re’, 15 years in the film industry and 10 years designing window displays. Since relocating to North Carolina in 2007, she co-founded the North Carolina Women’s Art Collective and works to champion opportunities and make space for women artists of her age.

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