Detail of Warrior Figure (Blood Orange), Jennifer Reis, embellished textile
September 1, 2021 - October 9, 2021

Narrative by Nature: Leslie Pearson + Jennifer Reis

Sponsored by Lucy and Sergio Amato, Janice and Kelly Cain, Karen and David Jones, Donna and Richard Lawhon, Debbie and Ben Lewis, Ally and Joe Leizer, Nancy and Rob Spilman and Lynwood Artists

Drawn to things that have layers of history, Leslie Pearson is a scavenger for lost or forgotten things. Her work includes many found objects, from handwritten letters, journals and old books to rusty metal, postage stamps, buttons, teeth, animal bones and bits of fabric. Pearson likes to imagine the stories that these treasures hold. She also finds inspiration in organic forms found within the natural world such as pods, seeds, nests, eggs and shells—mostly for the metaphor they hold as keepers, protectors and incubators.

Combining traditional sewing, embroidery and embellishing techniques and materials with found objects, Jennifer Reis creates decorative, iconic objects that exist as female power figures. Her textile works are hand-sewn and beaded, created through a slow-art process; The creative act serving as a meditative process. Reis's work concerns the female form as an ornamented and empowered form existing within a ritualized context. Her work is inspired and informed by fashion, feminism and a Catholic aesthetic rooted in her upbringing as a German-American.

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