Posted November 2, 2023

Mark Nizer brings innovation and spectacle to stage

Last week, juggling legend Mark Nizer shook up Martinsville-Henry County with his own unique blend of stage magic, juggling, technology, and comedy antics. Hosted by Piedmont Arts, Mark Nizer performed a total of five performances: four school shows on Tuesday and Wednesday and a public performance on Thursday night. His school performances were performed for a total audience of over 3000 students from all over the county. The school performances were free for all students.

Sciencesplosion, his educational touring show, centers around an acrobatic juggling act interrupted by a transmission from the future: an asteroid is set to destroy the earth, and it’s up to Nizer and his audience of young scientists to learn fundamental scientific knowledge to prevent the earth’s destruction. With sections focusing on the periodic table, the laws of gravity, the way light and lasers work, and basic concepts of DNA, the performance had something interesting to teach everyone. Punctuated by incredible feats including juggling machetes and laser shows, children were riveted by the production and applauded, screamed, and chanted loudly throughout the performance.

Nizer’s 4D show took place at the Martinsville High School Auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 26. Performed to a house of Piedmont Arts regulars and local performance art lovers, Nizer kept everyone entertained and on their toes with his antics and comedic beats.

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