Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Treasure Chest

DVDs and CDs

1. Where America Began
2. CD - Colonial and Revolution Songs

3. Child Life in Colonial Days
4. The School of Manners
5. Colonial Kids Activity Guide
6. Recipes from the Raleigh Tavern Bakery

7. Handkerchief Doll
8. Alphabet Dice
9. Cone Sugar
10. Seals, Wax, and Writing Paper
11. Tin Whistle
12. Fire Making Kit
13. Stoneware Mug
14. Cured Tobacco
15. Pharmaceutical Vial
16. Candle Making Kit, Candle Holder and Snuffer
17. Colonial Paper Currency (replica) and British and Continental Coins (replica)
18. Musket ball

Costumes and Figures
19. Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry Figures
20. Doll in Colonial Costume

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