Reni Gower, Pivot.27, 2018, acrylic on paper mounted on canvas-wrapped panel
September 1, 2023 - October 21, 2023

Compulsory Measures

Sponsored by Liz and Doug Goldstein, Annette and Paul Huckfeldt, Susan and David Morris, Anne and Eric Smith, Barbara and Guy Stanley and Lynwood Artists

The antidote for an over-stimulated, stupefying and simulated culture... is discovered through the artist’s hand.

In response to a culture saturated with devices that distance, digitize and disembody, the artists in Compulsory Measuresembrace repetition and ritual as mindful strategies to ascertain meaning. 

Bordering on the obsessive, Jorge Benitez, Kristy Deetz, Al Denyer, Joan Elliott, Reni Gower, Steven Pearson, Jennifer Printz and Tanja Softic provide lifelines for “making sense” out of the chaos entrenched in contemporary culture. By utilizing complex systems, intricate patterning, repetitive marking or minute detail, Compulsory Measures offers revelatory and celebratory works slowly crafted by hand.

With social media fictions and rampant consumerism triggering excessive anxiety across most demographics, the artists in Compulsory Measures offer a contemplative slowing down even as they urge acknowledgement of some of the most pressing issues (environmental crisis to global marginalization) facing civilization today. Enticed by touch, the artists counter visual skimming and encourage quiet reflection. As such, the exhibition is a perfect conduit for diffusing unease while generating conversations that embrace cultural awareness through mindfulness.

Admission Free

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