Piedmont Arts          
Berry-Elliot Realtors Best in Show Award
Purity, Rupe Dalton

Lynwood Artists Award
Afghan Livestock, Celeste S. Tsaklis


First Place
Untitled, Kenny Hairston

Second Place
Morning Star, Betty Williamson

Adams Realty Third Place
Water In My Eye, Greg Cooper


First Place
Smoking Skull, Ricky Dawson

Second Place
Crescent Moon…, Cheryl Garrity

Third Place
Bewitching Hour, Ricky Dawson


First Place
Hand-woven Silk Scarf, John Christian

Laura Rutter Second Place
Shino Pitcher, Ben Winslow

Gwen Sowden Third Place
Symbol of Freedom, Catherine Hailey

Awards of Distinction
My Last Stop, David Lunt
Creation, Nancy Clark

Oil + Acrylic

Toy + Joe Cobb First Place
Red Door, Donna Koger

Betty Lou + Ron Pigg Second Place
Genesis 3, David Atkins

Paul Huckfeldt Family in Memory of Gretchen
Huckfeldt Third Place

Generations, Karen Despot

Award of Distinction
Potential, Pepper Martin


Lucy + A.C. Wilson First Place
Rusty Buckets, Greg Cooper

Pat + Bob Wilson Second Place
Evening Jasmine, Helen Shaw

Nancy Baker in Memory of
James M. Baker Third Place

Sanctuary, Suzanne Ross

Mixed Media

James H. + Sandra T. Ford First Place
Quantum Cargo, Ed Dolinger

Randy + Dorothy Robertson Second Place
Philadelphia: North + East, Greta Ledyard

Pat Featherstun Third Place
Solitude, Gibby Waitzkin


First Place
Morning on the Dock, Rocky Wall

Second Place
The Flock, Tony Hegwood

Shar + Greg Pietz Third Place
Vintage Dolly, Lorri Tate

Award of Distinction
Fire Horse, Gin Denton

Student Awards

Glenn + Janice Sellers Student Photography Award
Fallen, Nick Spencer

Piedmont Arts Guild Student Award
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Joshua Amos

Linda MacQueen Hill Award
Sponsored by Linda’s Bunco Babes,
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Margaret Smith,
Terry Mitchell, + Terri and John Richardson

Pacified, Greg Arens