Piedmont Arts          
Toy and Joe cobbe Best in Show Award
Vapor Fired Saki Server, David Lunt

Lynwood Artist Award
House of Prayer, Greg Arens

Oil & Acrylic
James H. and Sandra T. Ford First Place Award
First Cup, "Rupe Scott Dalton

Margaret P. Witt & Ellen Wood Second Place Award
Ice Cream Shop, Mark T. Shepheard

Dick and Gwen Sowdon Third Place Award
Sweetness, Bill Curlee

First Place Award
Memory Lane, Graham Park

Kathy H. Rogers & Nancy and Ray Deitz Second Place Award
Wizarding World, Andrea Despot

Jim Mills Nissan Third Place Award
Boy on a Horse, Robert Szabo

Award of Distinction
Iris in Water, Iris Gillispie

3 - Dimensional
MHC Economic Development Corporation,
Tourism & Film Division First Place Award
Virginia Foothills, Betty Blessin

Dotty and Randy Robertson & L. Dudley and
Elizabeth Walker Second Place Award
In Chains, Karen Colletti

Jim and Clarke Beckner Third Place Award
Early Bird, Catherine Hailey

Nancy Scales Garner Award of Distinction
Cocoon (Dogwood), Terry Mitchell

Mixed Media
First Place Award
Just Stay in the Tracks, Lee Farley

The Café at Arts and Deli & Piedmont Arts
Second Place Award
Thinking, Billy Newcomb

Jim Mills Nissan Third Place Award
Magnolia, Roz Waiwaiole

Water Media
Lucy and A.C. Wilson First Place Award
The Garden, #3 of 3, Laurie Forbes

Laura Rutter Second Place Award
Highland Mountain Stream, Myrtle Hooker

Betty Lou and Ron Pigg Third Place Award
Trees in the Fog, Greg Arens

Drawing & Graphics
First Place Award
Barn, Roland A. Guidry

Second Place Award
Monument Valley Sunrise, Dan Leeper

Jim Mills Nissan Third Place Award
The Cat Watches the Stew, Leslie W. Talley

Shar and Greg Peitz Award of Distinction
Woman and Flowers, Kay Finch

Student Awards
Piedmont Arts Guild Special Student Award
Grolar Bear, Lesley Root

Glenn and Janice Sellers Student Photography Award
Roxanne, Ciara Roberts

Joe and Brenda Williams Student Award of Distinction
Baby Zebra, Loren Gammons
Incompletion, Donghyull Lee

Purchase Awards
Purchase Award by Carolyn Beale
Crane in Foliage, Blake Carter

Purchase Award by Rusty and Suzanne Lacy
Barn, Roland A. Guidry

Purchase Award by Susan Critz
Kaleidoscope Bull, Donna Koger

Purchase Award by Jarrett and Tina Sell
Thinking, Billy Newcomb
Trees in Fog, Greg Arens

Purchase Award by Kathy Rogers
Cocoon (Dogwood), Terry Mitchell

Purchase Award by Chris™s Custom Framing
Trumpet Man, Laura Strickland

Purchase Award by Blue Mountain Productions, Inc.
The Cat Watches the Stew, Leslie W. Talley