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Volunteers play a vital role in making a visit to Piedmont Arts fun and informative for guests

By becoming a Piedmont Arts volunteer, you can use your passion and knowledge for art to create a memorable experience for visitors.

For those not comfortable in the public eye, the museum also offers volunteer positions in administration, exhibit installation, marketing and more. Any way you choose to volunteer, your support is invaluable to Piedmont Arts.

Available Positions:
    • Marketing Distribution Volunteer (once per month)

    Help spread the word about the arts in MHC. Members of the Marketing Distribution Committee deliver Piedmont Arts marketing materials to local businesses on a once-per-month basis. Each volunteer's businesses will be chosen by ease of access to the volunteer. For more info, fill out the volunteer application below or email bmoore@piedmontarts.org

    Gallery Host/Hostess (Between 10 am – 5 pm)

    Gallery hosts/hostesses provide invaluable assistance to Piedmont Arts staff. From forwarding phone calls to helping gallery visitors, hosts/hostesses help make day-to-day museum operations easier.

    Gallery Tour Guide (Between 10 am – 5 pm)

    Are you enthusiastic about art? Do you like to speak to groups? Then, gallery tour guide might be the perfect position of you. Tour guides lead civic, business and school tours of the museum's changing exhibits. Each exhibit requires tour guides to learn new information about the arts, so quick memorization is a helpful skill in this position.

    Family Day Assistant

    Family Days are fun times at Piedmont Arts and the staff always needs extra help. From decorating beforehand to helping with crafts and serving snacks, there's no shortage of projects for Family Day volunteers.

    Performing Arts Volunteer

    Want free access to On Stage events? Volunteer as a ticket taker at performing arts events.

    Visual Arts Volunteer

    Visual arts volunteers can help with many facets of installation and de-installation of the museum's changing exhibits.