Eliza Walmsley

How the arts have impacted my life

On this Day of Giving, I can’t help but think fondly on my early strolls (at my older sister’s insistence) through the Piedmont Arts galleries and how that impacted my life in innumerable ways.

It was later — thanks to Barbara Parker’s vision and dedication to bring professional performing arts opportunities to Martinsville — that ignited my passion and career in the arts. It has taken me to incredible places like the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and even the theatre classroom at Magna Vista High School!

I believe that the arts challenge us to see other perspectives, encourage dialogue, unite us as human beings, and spark joy while building an incredible community of people.

I am immensely grateful for my family’s support and places like Piedmont Arts and TheatreWorks Community Players that inspired me to think big and dream boldly.

— Eliza Walmsley

It's #GivingTuesday and time to join the great #ArtsGiveBack! The arts give to the community in so many ways. Now is the time to give back to the arts with a donation of your money, time, skills or support.

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