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September 18, 2021

Patrick Henry Rose Show

1:00PM - 4:00PM at Piedmont Arts

The Patrick Henry Rose Show features roses and arrangements created by members of the Patrick Henry Rose Society, as well as members of Martinsville Garden Club and Garden Study Club, among others.

Themed Dancing with Roses, arrangements will fall in the following categories:

  • The Minuet

The Minuet is a dance that was popular in the 18th and 19th century in France, and then later in America. This arrangement will be a traditional Georgian Design (Class D-2), which encourages the use of multiple types of flowers (including, of course, roses), and drapes and accessories are encouraged.

  • Dance

Dance is the art of movement. A Creative Stable Design (Class D-3) shows implied movement.

  • The Tango

The tango is a fascinating style of dance performed by couples in repetitive movement. The Echo (Class D-4) style of design gives that feeling.

  • New York Rockettes

For almost a century, the New York Rockettes have been American icons. The Traditional Line (Class D-5) design brings to mind their flair.

Certified judges with the Garden Club of Virginia will judge. Roses grown outdoors by the arranger and used in the arrangement will be considered for additional awards by the American Rose Association. All Blue Ribbons will receive a Patrick Henry Rose Society award.

At the end of the show, an assortment of roses will be given away to attendees.

Admission Free

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